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At Just Baked Eats and Sweets our goal is to provide insanely fresh food and super responsive service to all those hungry meeting captives out there who have little time to squeeze in sustenance. We guarantee an exceptional experience because we listen to our clients' unique needs, and then use our culinary and service expertise to make ordering, eating, and meeting refreshingly easy, speedy, and delicious. 

Buying locally offers consumers a healthy alternative, reduces food miles and waste, and supports a more sustainable model of agriculture.  We follow this philosophy as a way to enjoy a greater quality of life with healthier, tastier lifestyles that become more in tuned with the seasons.We pride ourselves on selecting seasonal, fresh products from local growers, seafood and meat markets. We use organic, free-trade and local ingredients in all our delicious Eats and Sweets. Give us a try and taste the difference!

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Your Business Catering Specialist

Absolutely amazing sweets... If you are anywhere near Tampa Florida I highly recommend this place...I promise you'll love it.


- RJ Smith

Always delectable! I love Just Baked to be at every event and party I attend because I know the food will be more than phenomenal!


- Shea Struder-Willis

ready to order now while sitting here at Bill Currie LOL... no really right now 


- Jennifer Brown